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Septic System Installation

Your septic system is a significant part of your property investment. It is important for the homeowner to do some research when making this investment. When deciding on who will put in your new septic system, it is key to have an installer that also performs maintenance to septic systems as well.

Installers that also repair, and pump septic systems have the advantage of seeing mistakes made by a vast number of installers, and how this can negatively affect the septic systems performance. As a result, our installation techniques continue to change and improve so the homeowner gets the BEST results for their investment.

There are many excavating companies available that install septic systems, but they do not have this 'trouble shooting experience' and do not see the problems associated with poor installation habits.

We provide top quality work with honesty and integrity. We work for the homeowner and give advice based on our years of experience regarding your septic system. Important factors that need to be considered include soil types, the number of bedrooms, and your future plans for your land. Be sure to talk to us and your system designer about any future plans for additions to your home or buildings. We would like the opportunity to meet with you and give you an estimate for your septic system. We pride ourselves in our long history in the community that we live and work. Please call us and give us an opportunity to work for YOU!
septic system installation Trench type system with rock treatment area
septic systemMound septic system with rock bed being built
septic tank installedMound treatment area completed.  Grass is seeded and harrowed.

Septic Tank Pumping

Pumping your septic tank is essential to maintain your septic system and extend the years it operates effectively. Routine septic tank pumping is required in most counties to be done every three years. Without regular septic tank cleaning, the solids can pass out of the tanks to your drain field or mound. These solids slowly plug up the soils and eventually your septic system will fail.
septic pumping truckSeptic pumping truck
manhole coversManhole covers dug open to pump septic tanks
septic pump line installationAndy Kleindl installing the pump line

Septic Pump Repair

Many septic systems require a pump with an alarm system to inform the homeowner when there is a pump problem. Often the septic pump will need to be repaired or replaced at that time. Call us right away if your septic alarm goes off.
septic pumping truck
Septic pump repair
covering septic tanksGould septic system pump
equipmentSeptic alarm system
equipmentEffluenet filter #122
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Septic System Inspections and Certification

Septic compliance inspections are often required for the sale or transfer of property and can be required when pulling a building permit. A septic system inspection will include evaluating your existing septic system, taking some soil borings and a thorough tank inspection. In order to certify the tanks, we are required to pump the septic tanks so we can get a better view of the condition. The tanks need to be watertight, in order to meet the current standards.
septic pumping truckSeptic System Compliance Inspection looks at these factors to determine whether it meets current codes
covering septic tanksUsing the skid to cover the septic tanks
equipmentEquipment loaded and ready to work
   Thank you Julie and Andy for the quick service and reasonable charge to keep our sewer line running and for pumping out the tank.
Tom K.
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   Licensed by the State of Minnesota to install, pump, inspect and certify septic systems.
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